Architect & Designer Area

If you are looking for a supplier of  bathroom fittings that understands specifications, scheduling, project deadlines and the need to get it all done with no fuss, you are in the right place.

Here at Volente we have a highly trained and experienced workforce led by Nick Smith; put simply, we know what we are doing. Nick has worked in the bathroom industry for over twenty years but started out as an Architectural Technician so building projects come as second nature.


Our service includes bathroom specification and  scheduling for your project so everyone from the client to the contractor  knows exactly what is specified, where it goes and what it looks like.


If you are not sure whether a product will be suited to your projects requirements, we offer advice based on our extensive experience. If you are searching for a specific washbasin or your client has spotted something they fancy but has no idea where to source it, please feel free to call us.